Collected Prose : 1948 - 1998

Collected Prose : 1948 - 1998

Book Title: Collected Prose : 1948 - 1998

Author: Zbigniew Herbert

Format: Hardback | 708 pages

Publication Date: 10 Aug 2010

ISBN-13: 9780060723828

"One of the finest and most original writers...and one of the greatest Polish writers of [the 20th] century. [Herbert] is a figure comparable to, say, T. S. Eliot or W. H. Auden."

--Edward Hirsch, The New Yorker

Polish essayist, poet, and spiritual leader of his nation's anti-Communist movement, the late Zbigniew Herbert is a literary giant whose writings are revered throughout Europe and the world. A companion volume to the author's Collected Poems (Ecco 2007), Collected Prose is the only English language edition of the award-winning writer's prose works collected in a single, beautiful, accessible volume--including in their entirety his renowned Labyrinth on the Sea, Still Life with a Bridle, King of the Ants, and Barbarian in the Garden.