Devilfish : The Life & Times of a Poker Legend

Devilfish : The Life & Times of a Poker Legend

Book Title: Devilfish : The Life & Times of a Poker Legend

Author: Amarillo Slim Preston

Format: Paperback | 400 pages

Publication Date: 01 Dec 2011

ISBN-13: 9780141047539

From prison cell to Las Vegas penthouse, Devilfish: The Life & Times of a Poker Legend is the no-holds-barred life story of the UK's best poker player and all-time legend, Dave 'Devilfish' Ulliott.

Ever wanted a seat at the table with the Devilfish?

Well, now's your chance . . .

Dave 'Devilfish' Ulliott is the the most successful poker player in British history, with tournament winnings of GBP6 million. But he started life with an unlucky hand -on a council estate in Hull, boredom staved off by a spot of safe-cracking. He finally found his true vocation at the card table.

From prison to a penthouse in Las Vegas; from gang fights to parties at the Playboy mansion; from losing $700,000 in a day to winning a World Series of Poker bracelet; from being public enemy No 1 to the big draw on Channel Four's Late Night Poker, Devilfish knows what it means to lose and win big. And still come out cracking jokes.

'This is a full life story from the fish's own mouth: his jokes, his sauce, and detailed revelations from his criminal past. Broad, funny, northern and poetic. A master storyteller' Guardian

'Cancel your plans for the weekend and do yourself a big favour. Read this. Devilfish is funny as f**k, ballsy, brave as a lion, mad as a bag of monkeys, and absolutely captivating as a storyteller' Roger Cook, Daily Star

'Fast, funny, scary, smart, cocky and colourful' Victoria Coren, Observer

'A poker classic' Daily Star