Recovery in Mental Health Nursing

Recovery in Mental Health Nursing

Book Title: Recovery in Mental Health Nursing

Author: Steve Trenoweth

Format: Paperback

Publication Date: 16 Sep 2017

ISBN-13: 9780335263448

Recovery is a key concept throughout mental health, but its meaning is elusive and hard to grasp in day to day practice. This textbook is an accessible and practical guide to recovery in mental health, demystifying the concept and helping students and practitioners to develop a personal awareness of what recovery is and what it means at an individual level.

The book presents recovery as being intimately connected to our values and who we are as people. The chapters build upon what we understand recovery to be and apply these ideas to various areas of practice, such as communication, being self-aware, reflective practice, clinical supervision and how we engage with service users, families and the multi-disciplinary team. Explanations are given of the most popularly used recovery concepts and approaches such as the Tidal model, Repper and Perkins' Psychosocial model, and the WRAP and Path models, and their use in daily practice.

The book features:

* Practice-based examples and real-life case scenarios to illustrate how recovery varies from client to client
* Exercises to encourage you to reflect and come up with your own personal approach
* Consideration of ethical and professional dilemmas in practice
* A view of recovery that takes into account political and resourcing issues
* Explanation and discussion of key concepts in recovery

This is an excellent resource for all students and practitioners in mental health nursing.

"An exciting and essential read for professionals to understand the nature of recovery. Explicit but comprehensive, this book is for nurses and other professionals in mental health. The book takes us from the origins of recovery through to practical advice and scenarios that place the service user at the core. This encapsulates the true meaning of recovery and how we can implement and facilitate these approaches within contemporary healthcare. The book acknowledges politics and how the political arena can influence and shape services"
May Baker, Senior Lecturer in Mental Health, Liverpool John Moores University, UK