Ballet Class Stickers

Ballet Class Stickers

Book Title: Ballet Class Stickers

Author: Adele Geras

Format: Paperback | 4 pages

Publication Date: 09 Feb 2001

ISBN-13: 9780486416205

Aspiring ballet stars will fall in love with this appealing little sticker celebration, which serves not only as a source of decorative sticker fun but also as an accurate and entertaining guide to ballet positions. Twenty full-color peel-and-apply illustrations depict girls and boys in traditional ballet outfits correctly performing an arabesque, a sissonne, grand battement, grand jeté, pas de chat, pirouette, brisé vole, attitude penché (with partner), pas de bourrée, and more. Steps are identified and explained on the inside back cover. Sure to delight and inspire ballet stars of the future, these enchanting images will also add colorful touches to mirrors, windows, letters, lunch boxes, and other personal items.