Dreams That Sparkle (Enchanted Pony Academy #4)

Dreams That Sparkle (Enchanted Pony Academy #4)

Book Title: Dreams That Sparkle (Enchanted Pony Academy #4)

Author: Lisa Ann Scott

Format: Paperback | 128 pages

Publication Date: 31 Jan 2017

ISBN-13: 9780545908979

Welcome to the Enchanted Pony Academy, where glittery ponies learn how to use their magic!

Belissima is the prettiest pony at the Enchanted Pony Academy -- everyone says so. The problem is, no one seems to see what else Belissima is: talented and hardworking. She dreams that someday everyone will see that her real magic doesn't have anything to do with her looks!

The royal children are coming to the Academy for the selection ceremony, and Belissima is determined to show that she's not just a pretty pony. It's her last chance to prove everything she can be -- which is so much more than a show pony.