Rebuilding the Indian : A Memoir

Rebuilding the Indian : A Memoir

Book Title: Rebuilding the Indian : A Memoir

Author: Darwin Holmstrom

Format: Paperback | 234 pages

Publication Date: 01 Sep 2005

ISBN-13: 9780803273580

The building of a vintage Indian Chief motorcycle is more than the restoration of a bike-it's the resurrection of a dream. Rebuilding the Indian chronicles one man's journey through the fearful expanse of midlife in a quest for peace, parts, and a happy second fatherhood. Fred Haefele was a writer who couldn't get his book published, an arborist whose precarious livelihood might just kill him, and an expectant father for the first time in over twenty years. He was in a rut, until he purchased a box of parts not so euphemistically referred to as a "basket case" and tackled the restoration of an Indian Chief motorcycle. With limited mechanical skills, one foot in the money pit, and a colorful cast of local experts, Haefele takes us down the rocky road of restoration to the headlong, heart-thrilling rush of open highway on his gleaming midnight-blue Millennium Flyer.