Celebrating Strengths : Building Strengths-based Schools

Celebrating Strengths : Building Strengths-based Schools

Book Title: Celebrating Strengths : Building Strengths-based Schools

Author: Ryan M. Niemiec

Format: Paperback | 268 pages

Publication Date: 30 Jan 2008

ISBN-13: 9781906366025

A strengths-based school is one where the focus is primarily on strengths, not weaknesses, where teachers and pupils aim not to be 'OK, ' but to excel. Celebrating Strengths combines the latest research from positive psychology with two ancient teaching methods, oral story telling and community celebration, to bring the concept of the strengths-based school to life. It helps teachers grow in confidence and creativity, and provides them with practical tools that will increase their own enjoyment of teaching and their pupils' enjoyment of learning. Celebrating Strengths does not 'teach' positive psychology as an additional subject, but weaves it into the existing curriculum and life of the school. It is based around Strengths Gym, a programme for helping adults and children identify and use their strengths inside and outside the classroom through a cycle of festivals and storytelling. The methods have been tried and tested during four years of work in primary schools in North Lincolnshire, UK. The principles that underpin it, however, are universal and will readily adapt to early years settings, as well as those involving older children and young adults, and will be of as much interest to parents and carers as they will be to teachers. Celebrating Strengths will help anyone to flourish and be at their best - adults and children alike.